Door to Life staff devotional book (2021)
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Door to Life staff devotional book (2021)

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A ten-week Christ-centered devotional book for camp staff
written by camp directors for camp ministry, with topics relevant to all areas of camp life—for counselors, support staff, administrative staff, and directors.

  • 15 minutes a day
    Each devotion is based on a Bible verse with additional Scripture readings and questions for those who want to go deeper.

  • Every Weekend   
    You'll find a feature we call Expressions of Faith ... a poem or prayer from Christians leaders like Augustine, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and George MacDonald, along with thoughtful application for camp staff.

  • Week Eight  
    You'll get to focus on Ephesians 1 as each day the devotion works through the key verses of this chapter. This will be perfect timing for a journey through the grace and power of salvation.

  • Ten weeks worth
    If your camp is shorter than ten weeks, your staff can continue using the devotional book when they go home.

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